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Born from the community to serve our community. 

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Our Story

At our restaurant, we believe that food is more than just nourishment—it's a way to connect, to share stories, and to build community. Cooking has always been a passion of mine, deeply rooted in my family's tradition of nightly meals and conversations around the table. It's a practice I've continued with my own children, emphasizing the importance of togetherness.

Our journey began in 2022 when we decided to cater our daughter's quinceañera ourselves, feeding 300 guests with love and care. While this was born from a lack of affordable catering and food options in Hays County, we quickly fell in love with seeing happy people enjoying amazing food with those they love. 


We pride ourselves on serving homemade dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients, reflecting the rich flavors and traditions of our culture. Our passion for feeding people goes beyond just a business; it's about making a difference. That's why we've introduced a prepaid meal program—so anyone facing hard times can enjoy a meal without worry.

Our local community is the driving reason why we infuse all our foods with so much love, as we have been serving our community from the very beginning. When a close friend lost her father, we sold tacos to help cover the funeral expenses, and today we are proud to provide support to many local nonprofits, including Outsiders Anonymous, a free substance use and mental health treatment provider right here in Hays County. 

We're dedicated to providing a welcoming space where everyone can enjoy delicious, heartfelt food. 


Come join us, share a meal, and become part of our family.


 Let's connect.


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